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a living willow garden at seaford allotments

a living willow garden at seaford allotments

A living willow garden at the seaford allotments seat planted with herbsLiving willow garden at the seaford allotments enclosure arch and seatA living willow garden at Seaford Allotments has been planted in a corner of the Wilderness Project.

Carol planted living willow rods during late winter as a boundary around a new Dye Plant Garden which is being developed by plot holder volunteers Chris and Richard Moore.

Chris Moore is a weaver and dyer. She cultivates perennial dye plants to use in her work with the East Sussex Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. Richard landscapes and maintains the overgrown sloping site and has discovered charming Rosa rugosas, current bushes and rosemary. These provide pollen for the insects on site. They continue to develop this ‘secret garden’ as part of the Wilderness Project.

A pond has been made within the living willow enclosure  full of oxygenating plants and attracts dragonflies and frogs.

During late winter Carol made a seat from living willow rods and planted the top with herbs to sit on.

Willow needs plenty of watering to establish. It has grow well and is pruned and tied in during the autumn which is the correct time to prune living willow.

This project is part of the big lottery funded wilderness project and brings more bio diversity to the Seaford allotment site with this nectar rich planting.

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