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contemporary garden designer and artist
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Carol has professionally designed, built and planted gardens since 1998 and is a registered member of the Society of Garden Designers.

With her quirky artist’s eye and creative drive she can turn your garden space around, focusing on practical stylish design schemes that will last a life time.

Carol’s thoughtful and inspired design approach, together with the skilful execution of her associate landscapers, create timeless gardens that can have a fundamentally positive effect on your Life, full of Style, Soul and Spirit.

As an established East Sussex garden designer, Carol has experience working with all sorts of clients from busy professionals, families, senior citizens, developers to community and allotment gardens. Her portfolio includes a range of varied and challenging commissions.

Garden Design is a creative process and like the complexities of building a house or creating an artistic masterpiece, there are no quick fixes.

To succeed, your garden design project needs careful planning, attention to detail, management and focused energy from a committed team of client, contractor and designer.

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“All our visitors comment that the garden looks like it’s always been here. We use the space all the time,
there’s always an area of the garden in use, it gives us so much more in our lives.” Amanda, Islington

“Thank you so much for all your design work and encouragement. You have been very generous with your time & expertise.”  Angela and Jeff, Rotherfield.

“Carol has an artist’s eye for the overall concept and structure of the visual effect of the new garden.
I felt comfortable communicating my ideas to her – she has an infectious enthusiasm.” 
Mary, Honor Oak

“We had no idea where to begin but you have designed the perfect solution for us.”
Diane and Terry, Eastbourne 

“Thank you so much for all the hours and care you took with the garden – it’s been transformed into a
comfortable, useful space and is just what we wanted – can’t wait to see it grow and develop.”
Caroline, Camden

“Thank you for transforming my garden and enhancing my life this year.”
Jane, Stoke Newington

“Many thanks for all your hard work and the great thought that went into our new garden. We are delighted
with the result and I’m sure we’ll spend many hours enjoying our urban Eden.”
Mike and Judith, Islington

“Thanks to your artistic vision and encyclopedic knowledge of plants, you have given us a beautiful and unique garden that will give us a lifetime of pleasure. Thanks a million!” Kate and Gavin, Broadstairs.

“Initially it seemed like a big financial outlay, however Carol worked hard to ensure my
budget did not overrun and I still got a great looking garden.” 
Gail, Rainham

“Your garden designs are like a good song!”
Martin Baldock, Aviemore Landscapes

“Carol, it’s been a true joy to work with you. You have done an amazing job. It’s been my pleasure to be part of
your dream on the Seaford Allotment Wildernesss Project.”Julian Fuller, Fullers Fencing, Decking and Digger Hire, Seaford

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