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cabin fever: boxing clever geometric garden design

A concrete seat and minimal, chic paths - Carol Whitehead garden design
Verbena bonariensis up close, grey paths behind - Carol Whitehead garden design
Lush summer planting with contemporary pergola and seat view - Carol Whitehead garden design
Summer planting and grey path in South London contemporary garden - Carol Whitehead garden design
Paths and contemporary cabin in South London small garden - Carol Whitehead garden design
concrete seat
summer planting
planted border
cabin path
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cabin-fever-acer-bloodgood-spring-morning The brief was to devise a geometric garden design plan around the purchase of a minimal contemporary modern shed, which the clients needed for storage. The shed footprint took up almost a quarter of the space and so would be dominant. The issue was how to visually blend the mass of geometric cabin volume into this postage stamp garden.

In cohesion with the chic, hard lines of the shed style, minimal flamed limestone sourced from Ireland replaced the old crazy paving patio and provided small work area patio outside the shed. An Acer ‘Bloodgood’ planted in a rendered retainer brings interest nearer the house.

Granite cobbles edge the path in-filled with consolidated granite aggregate, a by-product of the granite industry. The light grey tone unifies all the hard landscape aspects in the space, only texture setting them apart. There is a lot of landscaped area here but it is designed carefully. Airy grass and perennial planting soften the hard lines around the functional areas and their shadows stand out on the neutral landscaped surfaces.

The volume of the shed is mirrored by a contemporary oak pergola by Rodas Design. Rodas makes beautiful, simple pergola frames whose integrity is sublime.

Artist Glen Walker, made a small concrete seat to the shed scale in miniature; grey in tone to match the other landscape elements.

“Thanks again for all your work and ideas. Doing the project with you has been a pleasure and that unlovely patch has had a total transformation. I am very happy with the result and look forward to using such a beautiful space” Diana, South London

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